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Soil Biodiversity Data Synthesis:

A global effort to bring together all soil biodiversity data

- taxonomy, phylogeny and function



  1. Provide access to soil biodiversity databases, data sources and related information (discoverability)

  2. Promote the use of standards- provide guidelines, best practice policies, promotion of use

  3. Establish a framework to bring together past, present and future soil biodiversity data and related information (for minimum and optimal uses)

See our publication:  Toward a global platform for linking soil biodiversity data (Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution, 2015)


2016:  A working group has been funded by the Synthesis Center (sDIV) for the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDIV) to collect information on all the existing databases containing soil biodiversity information.  The group, sWORM - A global soil biodiversity database and its application to data synthesis and theory development, will be focusing on implementing the database framework for earthworm data initially.

​Please assist us with our goal to bring together a list of the resources that exist for soil biodiversity data that can be aggregated through a planned GSBI initiative.  Soil biodiversity data can be used to address questions ranging from ecosystem function to global biodiversity to response to global change to land use impacts.  Therefore, access to the existing data on soil biodiversity is crucial.  Please add databases or biodiversity resources that you know about and URL if the database is publically available here.


Past workshops:

Sequencing meta-analysis Workshop, Manchester, UK 18-20 May 2015

Program outline


Workshop at Global Soil Biodiversity Conference , Dijon, France, 1-2 December, 2014




sDIV Workshop: A framework to improve our understanding of the distribution of global soil, biodiversity: establishing the first quantitative synthesis, Leipzig, Germany, April 2014

Overview & additional information