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Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas

The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative (GSBI) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of European Commission announce the writing of the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas (GSBA) in the fram of the Global Soil Biodiversity Assessment.  Soil biodiversity experts from all over the world are involved in the project aiming at the creation of a reference publication not only for soil biodiversity researchers but also policy makers and the general public.

The first workshop for synthesizing this atlas was held in Fort Collins, CO in February of 2013.

Exploring the Hidden Biodiversity of Central Park

The Soil biodiversity makes headlines. July 23-25, 2012, The GSBI, in collaboration with the Wall Lab of Colorado State University, the Fierer Lab of the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Bradford Lab of Yale and the American Museum of Natural History explored the soil biodiversity of Central Park, New York, NY. The group collected over 600 soil samples to map the soil biodiversity of the park.

sDiv Working Group 

Diana Wall and Kelly Ramirez of the GSBI have organized a workshop for the Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences (sDiv). Titled "A framework to improve our understanding of the distribution of global soil, biodiversity: establishing the first quantitative synthesis", the workshop aims to:
1) initiate the synthesis of data on soil biodiversity, 
2) outline soil biodiversity distribution knowledge gaps, and
3) identify an action plan.