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Dr. Nobuhiro Kaneko


Yokohama National University, Japan

Nobuhiro Kaneko has been a professor of soil ecology at Yokohama National University since 2001. He gained his PhD. degree on forest ecology at Kyoto University. He studied the life cycles and community structures of oribatid mites, and their effects on litter decomposition in a beech forest. After he moved to Shimane University, he focused on nutrient cycling in coppice and slash-burn forests in western Japan. He studied fungal-invertebrate interactions at University Calgary and he also did ecological risk analysis on soil contamination at Vrjie University, Amsterdam. His life long reserach has focused on the effects of the periodical millipede as a soil ecosystem engineer. Soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in "natural farming (ultimate conservation agriculture)" is his current study theme. He is proposing biological decontamination of forest soil polluted by radiocesium after Fukushima nuclear plant accident. He serves as a chairperson of Japanese Society of Soil Zoology since 2012.