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Please send us your job postings at:


Postdoctoral research associate: Nitrification modeling

Location: Utah State University

Apply before: 6 July 2017


Tenure track professors (2): Ecology, Environmental Science

Location: Macalaster College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Apply before: 8 September 2017


Assistant professor: Rhizosphere science

Location: North Carolina State University, USA

Apply before: 15 June 2017


Assistant professor: Microbial chemical ecologist

Location: University of Florida

Apply before: 15 August 2017


Assistant professors (2 vacancies): Soil microbiology, Plant nutrients

Location: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Apply before: 15 June


Soil Scientist

Location: General Mills, Brookings, SD USA

Apply before: until position filled


Faculty Position: Earth-Life Interactions

Location: University of California, Davis, USA

Apply before: 15 June 2017