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Soil Biodiversity Video Submission

Contribute to a video on soil organisms for the First Global Soil Biodiversity Conference! 

Did you know? Soil organisms, along with their diversity, are the engine that makes soil alive and functioning. No matter your relation to soil, whether you are a farmer, researcher, teacher, student, citizen or policy maker, we want you to show us what you think the importance, role, and the behaviour of the living aspect of soil is.

How can you do this? It’s easy! Make a short video (no more than two minutes) showing why/how living soil is important to you. You can use photos or videos from smart phones and regular cameras. You can include whatever you want in the video, from the landscape to the electron microscope, just be sure to include your commentary in the audio. Submit your video below.

The video will be your donation to the First Global Soil Biodiversity Conference and the GSBI. By submitting your video, you agree to give the GSBI the rights to edit, use, and display your video.

A selection committee of expert scientists from the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative will select the top 20 videos. The GSBI will compile these films into a short, crowd-sourced documentary on soil biodiversity to be shown at the First Global Soil Biodiversity Conference in Dijon, France from December 2-5, 2014.

Upload Instructions for Vimeo

1. Sign up for a free account using email or Facebook at
2. Click on “upload a video”
3. Click on “choose a video to upload” and select your video
4. After the video has uploaded, go to its settings
5. Click on “privacy”
6. Choose “only people with a password” and enter your chosen password
7. Make sure that “download the video” is checked so that the GSBI can download your video
8. Click “save changes”

Dropbox, Box, and Other Cloud Services

If you use a cloud storage service that facilitates sending large files, you are also welcome to include a download link to your video using one of these services.

Please include the place and date of video.